Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Choir in Rome

This is not only a picture of the choir I direct -- the Coro de San Jacinto and the Cagayan State University Chorale Ensemble. It is a picture of what can be done people are willing to make something initially inconceivable happen. Our's is a provincial choir; none of the members is a professional musician. But we have given our time for the past seven years to rehearsals and to polishing our choral skills. This was a picture of the concer we gave at the Basilica di Santa Pudenziana in Rome, close to two years ago -- a memory etched vividly in all our minds. I can only pray that there will be more concerts like this to come. PCSO and PAGCOR helped us, because GMA -- so maligned now -- was willing to help a provincial choir like us. Recently, insinuations were made that the assistance extended us was clandestine and illegal. Such is the extent not only of the paranoia but the self-righteousness that indicts such endeavors as bringing a provincial choir to Rome!

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