Saturday, October 31, 2009

I am a Catholic priest, and that, for me, is the greatest thing about my life. I do not however allow my life and ministry as a priest to be defined by traditional models. I am sincerely convinced that my pastoral ministry consists in teaching, in writing, and in administering education. I know that many will not agree with this, but that hardly bothers me. It has become a challenge for me to qualify all that I do as a professor and as a university person by my priesthood -- to find in working for God's Kingdom the noblest reason for teaching such mundane subjects as Corporate Law or Philosophy of Language.

Although I never attended conservatory, I have had formal piano lessons and music tutelage with really good musicians, and this has yet been one more aspect of my ministry. I find tremendous fulfillment leading my choir that brings together professionals and students, and in making them share the fulfillment of spirit that comes to all on wings of song!

This is where you will find the thoughts I wish to share, the memories I hope you will cherish with me, and the wishes I have the courage to express.