Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cynical About May 10

It's the time for self-proclaimed Messiahs -- all promising the people freedom from bondage, a way through the sea of vicissitudes and revelry in the land overflowing with I don't know what.

My disappointment with the process is that attempts at genuine will-formation are frustrated by the very avenues of free discourse and exchange: the media. One television channel in particular is unrestrained and rather shameless in its endorsement of a political candidate -- who obviously will have huge debts to pay should he get elected. Polls and surveys have become tools for the perversion of public discourse, and statisticians and their tools are in the employ of wannabes. It disgusts me that the very same television station that has blatangly disregarded the law by allowing more coverage of its anointed candidate than others -- way beyond the allowance granted by law -- dares proclaim itself the most 'credible'. What gumption!

I dislike candidates who appeal for support on the promise of vendetta -- those who pledge for example to make life difficult for the present administration when they are elected. Why should we vote into office those for whom vengeance is a principal part of their agenda? Galit ka ba sa kasalukuyang administrason?...that of course is the line of one political party, but it is a sentiment common to all who style themselves "oppositionists". So, are we supposed to vote for those propelled by anger?

What I fail to see in the so-called front-liners is genuine humility. Picturing yourself amid the 'madla' is not humility. It's a cheap political gimmick that the discerning rightly out to repudiate. Acknowledging the legacy of one's predecessors, campaigning on one's strengths and exhibiting courtesy towards one's opponents -- these are the qualities of which we are in short supply.

I don't see interesting prospects after May 1o!