Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Once Upon a Christmas Night!

For the past five years, the choir that I direct has presented a Christmas Concert -- and we have always dubbed it "Seek Him In Song". The tradition of psalm and canticle, and the story of the heavenly choir that proclaimed Jesus' birth has convinced me that He will be found also in song. I take great joy and pleasure in my choir: I have brought together adults -- and professionals to boot -- and youth and have blended their voices but above all their sentiments as well. This for me is not only choral work; it is above all priestly work.

We had two concerts: December 15 and December 16. It warms my heart to acknowledge that many wonderful people made it possible: the members of the choir who dutifully practiced, Sr. Corazon Querubin, SPC, who came all the way from her post at SPUQC to play the piano for us, and the UST Wind Ensemble, with my friends Dr. Hermie Ranera and Micky Jacinto.

A music critic will always have much to pick about the performance, the artistry, etc. Much work needs to be done, but this does not in any way attenuate all that has already been done.

We then got together for a Christmas Party at Genaro's. It was a wonderful affair, and everyone was all laughter and goodwill. The irrepressible Queenie Wutrich took charge of games in her own unique style.

A Merry Christmas and the Blessings of God's New Year to all!

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